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The Spartapuss Series – set of 5 books


This epic adventure series by Robin Price is set in a parallel world, in ancient Rome ruled by cats! There are five books in the series: I Am Spartapuss; Catligula; Boudicat; Die Clawdius and Cleocatra's Kushion. The books are suitable for ages approx 8-14 years old and cat lovers of all ages. Younger readers might prefer The Olympuss Games series. Cover artwork by Phil Hall.


‘Cat-tastic!’ – London Evening Standard

‘A highly original story with lots of scope for giggles, it also provides some background history and can’t fail to delight cat fans (or otherwise) everywhere!’ –

‘This is a must for any child who has studied, or is about to study, Roman history at school… a perfect story for children to read themselves or for parents to join in… Fabulous!’ – Andrea Don,

‘Young fans of ancient Rome will love this book and it’s a great introduction for those who are not yet familiar with it’s history. Spartapuss, a ginger tom cat, falls from favour as manager of the finest bath and spa in Rome and ends up fighting for his life in a school for gladiators. The characters are full of life and there is a surprising amount of historical accuracy to watch out for. This is the first of a series, so watch out for more!’ – Sam Beck,

‘Packed with more catty puns than you ever thought pawsible, this witty Roman romp is history with cattitude.’ – Junior Magazine

‘I think they are unique books that have really caught the imagination of the public here…’ – Andrew Fairmaner, (Buyer, The British Museum Shop)

‘This is too good to be left just as a children’s book! Extremely funny and brilliantly written. Robin Price has taken the events of Roman history focusing around the time of Emperor Tiberious, Caligula and Claudius and turned it into something fascinating.’ – Angela Longman, Monsters and

“An exciting series … Overall, three really good books. I would recommend them to 10 year olds and upwards who enjoy thrillers that you can’t put down ’til you’ve read the whole thing!” – Flora Murray, Dalry Secondary School S1, The Journal of Classics Teaching

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Spartapuss, a ginger cat, is happy managing Rome’s finest bath and spa but Fortune has other plans for him. When he offends the evil Catligula he is thrown into a school for gladiators. Find out how he win’s his freedom and about his return to the Land of the Kitons in this collection of 5 cult books for 8-14 year olds and cat lovers of all ages.