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Shakespeare writing workshops (for Y2 to Y9)

Make Shakespeare fun and accessible with a writing workshop from Creative Writing Club founder Robin Price.
Robin was commissioned by Shakespeare's Birthplace Trust to lead a series of 18 writing workshops based on Shakespearean themes. The workshops are themed around popular plays The Tempest, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Richard III.

Write a story based on The Tempest using the workshop app!

Shakespeare writing workshops

After a short intro unpacking the play's themes and characters, students get straight into paired writing using characters and themes from the play of your choice. Using Creative Writing Club writing frames and apps like this one for The Tempest, pupils work in pairs to invent their own settings for the plays and populate them with characters. They then come up with poems based using a mixture of their own language and Shakespearean words and phrases. Each session ends with the poetry and stories being shared as pupils read out their compositions on mic.

Ages, levels and timing

The minimum workshop length is one hour – although they can be longer. This means that up to five workshops can fit into a school day.
The workshops have been adapted to make them accessible for younger writers from KS1 – Y2 all the way to KS3 Y9. Extension language activities on Shakespearean vocab, insults, soliloquies, asides, iambic pentameter and historical sources etc are available and can be incorporated into your session given time.

Expanded range of plays

Choose from: Macbeth; Hamlet; The Tempest; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, Richard III; Romeo and Juliet; Julius Caesar. If you don't see the play you are covering please get in touch. You can also combine this with a graphic novel workshop if you want a manga Shakespeare focus.


‘Robin worked very hard giving us a lot of value for money on creating the workshops and on the behind the scenes thinking to bring the project to a head. Robin has been both creative and reliable and has thought through every step of the project. He is professional in all he does and works very well with children and adults alike.’
Dr Elizabeth Dollimore, Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

How to book this workshop

To inquire about the Shakespeare workshops call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or


Robin Price was commissioned by Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust to lead 18 creative writing workshops at themed around The Tempest, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Richard III. Robin devised materials where pupils invent their own settings for their version of the play and populate it with characters based on Shakespeare’s protagonists. They then write their own piece using a mixture of their own language and Shakespearean words and phrases. The result is an original piece inspired by Shakespeare’s characters and themes – it’s a great way to make Shakespeare accessible. Your pupils will have fun getting creative whilst simultaneously exploring the themes of the play. Each session ends with students reading out their work on the microphone – which is great for confidence building.

Workshops for Y2 to Y9 are available.

Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

Shakespeare is one of the 50 writing themes that you can choose when you bring Creative Writing Club to your school.

To inquire about the workshops call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or email [email protected] for prices, availability and sample materials.