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Mayans writing workshop (KS2-KS3)

Get your students writing Mayan stories with a workshop and assembly from Creative Writing Club founder Robin Price. Robin is the author of 15 children's books including the Spartapuss series.

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Interactive assembly

Get pupils engaged and ready to write with an Mayan assembly. It's fun and interactive. Your class will: visit ancient temple ruins; star gaze on top of a pyramid and dive into an underground cenote. Plus: you’ll find out about Mayan gods like Chac and how the Mayans tried kept them happy with sacrifices.

Mayan writing

After the assembly pupils will be primed and ready to write their stories in pairs using Creative Writing Club's clever Mayan writing materials and interactive apps. Robin will pass on some practical techniques to improve the stories. The hour long workshop ends with the pupils reading out their work on the microphone.

Feedback from teachers:

“Robin’s assembly was a fantastic combination of facts, story telling and knockabout comedy, that, whilst entertaining the whole school, also cunningly prepared the ground for their own story writing…”

“Robin’s sessions not only gave children a structure for planning a story, but really excited and inspired them so that they couldn’t wait to get writing!” Richard Smith, Deputy Head, Trafalgar School

Hall of Fame

This workshop is sure to generate some strong writing which we can upload to our epic Hall of Fame.

How to book this workshop

To inquire about this workshop call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or


The Mayans is one of 50 workshops and themed assemblies that you can choose when you bring Creative Writing Club to your school. Popular topics include: the Bronze age, the Celts, the Greeks, the Romans, the Anglo Saxons, Boudicca, the Normans, the Stone Age, the Tudors, Mary Seacole, the Great Fire of London, the Victorians, WW1 and WW2.
We also run workshops on Shakespeare and Fairytales.

Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

How to book this workshop

To discuss your requirements call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or