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Graphic novel writing workshop (KS2-KS3)

A writing workshop and assembly with CWC founder Robin Price is a great way to get your students writing their own mini graphic novels.
During the event students use Creative Writing Club to write their stories in pairs and design central characters for their comics.

Write a 'flooded world' story now using the workshop app!

Robin's 5 book series London Deep series is set in the future in a flooded world where rival police forces for kids and grown ups compete to keep the peace.
The series contains amazing ‘manga’ artwork by Paul McGrory and Rebecca Davy.

Writing workshop

After a short reading with manga visuals from London Deep pupils will be ready to come up with their own concepts using CWC's science-fiction or flooded world writing frames and apps.
Tips will be tailored to suit the age and level of the class but will include: good ideas and how to have them; instant character names; how time flows in bubbles and panels; dialogue for dummies; instant editing. For KS3 we will also cover: characterisation; the importance of setting; the difference between Manga and European comics. Robin works via getting pupils to try out practical techniques.
A typical workshop lasts for one hour and culminates with a sharing phase where students read out their work on the microphone.

Ages and levels

Robin runs creative writing workshops for primary and secondary pupils – up to about Y10. In the past he has led workshops for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust and the Young Archaeologists society and also visits international schools with Author’s Abroad. Please get in touch if you’d like to organise an event. Email [email protected] to discuss prices and availability.

Feedback from teachers:

“Robin’s “Spartapuss” assembly was a fantastic combination of Roman facts, story telling and knockabout comedy, that, whilst entertaining the whole school, also cunningly prepared the ground for their own story writing…”

“Robin’s sessions not only gave children a structure for planning a story, but really excited and inspired them so that they couldn’t wait to get writing!” Richard Smith, Deputy Head, Trafalgar School

Extension activities

This workshop is sure to generate some strong writing which we can upload to our epic Hall of Fame. We will leave you with a fun extension task using page borders. Some teachers like to add an editing phase before sending it. Submitting the stories is not time consuming – just take a photo on your phone and email them.

How to book this workshop

To inquire about this workshop call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or


The idea of a flooded world has gripped writers like John Wyndham, J.G. Ballard more recently Marcus Sedgwick with his Floodland book. The idea of a great flood sweeping away society is as old as Noah’s Ark but each writer puts a new twist on in. London Deep is set in the future in a flooded London.

50 writing themes
Graphic novels is one of 50 writing topics from Creative Writing Club and you can. Popular history topics for KS2 and KS3 include: the stone age, the Greeks, the Vikings, the Anglo Saxons, the Romans, Boudicca, the Normans, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Tudors, Mary Seacole, the Great Fire of London, the Victorians, WW1, WW2 and WW3.
We also run workshops on Shakespeare. Other topics are available by request. Combine this workshop with an assembly – or run more than one workshop over the day. If you are a multi form entry school – more than one workshop can be run consecutively and you can mix and match different topics in one day. Just get in touch and let us know how many students you want to take part.

How to book this workshop

To inquire about this workshop call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or