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Creative Writing Club (parents)


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How much does it cost to join Creative Writing Club?
The site is free. But if you’d like to help out – why not buy a book from our shop
You can use the resources on this site to write your own story inspired by the book you’ve read, and many of the books in our shop come
with puzzles and activities that are ideal for home study.

Hall of Fame
When your child has written a story, you can submit it to the Hall of Fame? To send it in you use the submit button at the bottom of the app and the story will be sent to the Hall of Fame editor.

Why can’t I see the submit button!?!
The submit button will only appear when you log on. Note that you do not need to register to use the apps and materials, only to submit stories to the Hall of Fame.

Why hasn’t my story appeared instantly?

All stories are proof read by our moderator before they appear. Errors in spelling and grammar will also be corrected. The Hall of Fame is updated monthly during term time.

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