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Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

What is Creative Writing Club?

It’s a site with free apps and resources to help children to plan and write their own stories.
Find out more here.

What is Accelerated writing?

It’s a way of teaching creative writing in pairs that puts less emphasis on planning
and uses writing frames or apps to get learners ready to write.
Find out more about Accelerated writing here.

Do you have books that go with your writing themes?

Yes! Please check out our bookshop.

Do I need to subscribe?

You don’t need to subscribe to use the apps or download the writing frames etc. But before a child’s story goes live in the Hall of Fame it needs to be moderated. This means that a (fairly) responsible grown up will read the story and check that it is age appropriate and good to go live. Subscribing helps us with the submission process and cuts down on spam.

But I just really hate subscribing for things!

Fair enough. Why not just start using Creative Writing Club and subscribe later if you want to send us a story.

Where is the submit button?

You will only see the submit button if you are signed in – then it will appear as if by magic.

I’ve submitted but I can’t see my story?

Your story will not appear instantly because someone needs to read and lay it out. We publish a new Hall of Fame once a month during term time. So please check back later.

I’m a parent – is this for me?

Yes! Writing a story with your child can be great fun. Use the apps to get started.

Is this a safe site for my child to use?

Yes. There is no chat on the site. All the stories and blog comments are pre-moderated.
If you send us a story we use children’s first names only in the Hall of Fame. So all the usual precautions have been taken.

What is your privacy policy?

Read our full privacy policy here.

Why don’t you do more content to introduce the themes?

This site is all about creative writing. There are already zillions of great sites for kids on the Romans, or the dinosaurs etc. Rather than duplicating other people’s content, we want to concentrate on making content like writing apps – which can only be found on this site. We recommend introducing the topic first and when you are ready to write come to Creative Writing Club.

I have a great idea for a topic!

We’d love to hear from you. Please email your suggestion to [email protected]
Bear in mind that we are not publicly funded and so it may take a while to save up enough pennies to pay for the artwork and coding for your idea.

Commission a theme

You can commission a writing theme for your setting – perhaps you are an museum
that wants a writing app – or a school doing a special topic. It’s not that expensive – but
we do need to pay the designer and the coder. Email [email protected]

Who created Creative Writing Club?

The site was founded by the children’s author Robin Price. Robin has written a number of children’s books including the Spartapuss series, the London Deep series, the Beowuff saga and five Roobarb and Custard books. Check out Robin’s books in our bookshop. For over ten years Robin has been teaching creative writing in schools in the UK and internationally via Author’s Abroad and he’s led workshops for Shakespeare’s Birthplace Trust and Young Archaeologists amongst others.

Are you saying that this is the only way to write a story?

Of course not. Any process that results in a good story is a good process. But the apps on this site are taken from Robin’s writing workshops for schools. Every topic on the site has been road tested in classrooms around the world from Croyden to Kazakhstan. Robin would like to thank Paul Nolan – author of Demons of Dunkirk for his assistance with the materials on Dunkirk, the Aztecs and the Mayans – and in the creating the puzzles that go with the books.

Who did the artwork for Creative Writing Club?

The art in our themes comes courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Davy – who illustrated the final two London Deep books. We also need to shout out thanks to the equally amazing artists whose work features on this site: Chris White (Beowuff, Romans); Phil Hall (Spartapuss); Loch Ness (Knights of Old); Paul McGrory (flooded world); Jason Smith (zombies), Chris White (unicorns) and Sumit Sarkar (Shakespeare and Fairytales). We salute you all!

Who did the website for Creative Writing Club?

The site was made by the brilliant team at Surface Impression. We would like to thank Peter Hernu who turned Robin’s paper writing frames into amazing interactive apps for the site. Jon from the incredible Shock Productions shot the video with music by the Sawtooth Tigers.

What is Time Machine Week?

Time Machine week is a factual writing live event using Creative Writing Club apps to get the whole school writing about history. You won’t find any unicorns, rainforests, fairytales, aliens or steampunk in a Time Machine Week. That’s not to say that it’s not packed with excitement and drama. Pupils can make up their own stories set in any time period – from the Big Bang to World War II. Write a story about a mammoth hunt, the fall of Troy, the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, Beowulf’s quest, the Gunpowder Plot, Elizabethan Explorers, the battle of Hastings, the ascent of Everest, Marie Curie, Stone Henge, or the suffragettes.
Email [email protected] for details.

Spotted an error?

If you think we’ve dropped a clanger please email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to put it right.

How does the content tie in with the curriculum?

A lot of our writing themes tie in with the primary curriculum for England and Wales.
However Robin often uses the materials with secondary students – the Sci-Fi Shakespeare
and graphic novel writing themes are popular with secondary.

Copyright info.

Materials on the site are free for non-commercial use – for example – you can photocopy the
writing frames and use them in class or at home. Feel free to download the pdfs and email them to other teachers etc. However the materials, images and apps are copyright and may not be reproduced, copied, adapted or distributed commercially without our written permission. Please email i[email protected] for permission.