Making writing fast and fun


Enjoying a Creative Writing Club activity

Creative Writing Club is a free writing resources for children aged 5-16.

The site was founded by Robin Price as a home for writing resources which were developed during 10 years of schools workshops. Some of the materials have also been turned into apps. There are currently 53 writing themes for KS1-KS3 writers. Check out the writing themes here.

Is the site free?

Yes. In 2020, the lockdowns in the UK meant that parents needed teaching materials to use at home. So we decided to make the site completely free.

Do you offer creative writing lessons on Zoom?

Yes. Before 2020 – Robin toured schools in the UK and worldwide running workshops. Covid 19 has put these travels on hold (for a while), so he’s offering one to one and group lessons. Check out the Zoom creative writing lessons

Writing workshops and assemblies for schools

Robin offers school visits for KS1-KS3. Workshops can be history or Shakespeare themed, or based on any of the 50 topics in our themes area. To inquire about a school visit  email [email protected] for details. Some schools prefer a virtual visit which is also a good option. Check out this video for more info

Are you DBS checked?


Do you have books that go with your writing themes?

Check out Robin’s Spartapuss, Beowuff and London Deep graphic novels in our bookshop. Buying a (signed) book from us is a great way to support the site. Yes the books are cheaper on Amazon – but Jeff Bezos is (probably) rich enough already.

I’m a parent, not a teacher – can I use the materials?

Yes. Writing a story with your child is a fun creative challenge. Use the apps and pdf resources to get started – taking it in turns to write one line each.

What is Accelerated writing?

It’s a fancy name for Robin’s method of teaching creative writing. It puts less emphasis on planning and uses writing frames or apps to get learners ready to write. Find out more about Accelerated writing here.

Are you saying that this is the only way to write a story?

Of course not! Any process that results in a good story is a good process. But every topic on the site has been road tested in classrooms around the world from Croydon to Kazakhstan.

Who else contributed to Creative Writing Club?

The art in the themes area comes courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Davy – who illustrated the final two London Deep books. We also need to thank the equally amazing artists whose work features on this site: Chris White (Beowuff, Romans); Phil Hall (Spartapuss); Loch Ness (Knights of Old); Paul McGrory (flooded world); Jason Smith (zombies), Chris White (unicorns) and Sumit Sarkar (Shakespeare and Fairytales). Creative Writing Club salutes you all!

Robin would like to thank Paul Nolan – author of Demons of Dunkirk for his assistance with the materials on Dunkirk, the Aztecs and the Mayans – and in the creating the puzzles that go with the books.

Who designed the website?

The site was made by Surface Impression. We would like to thank Peter Hernu who created the interactive apps for the site.

What is your privacy policy?

Read our full privacy policy here.

Copyright and legal info

Materials on the site are free for non-commercial use – for example – you can photocopy the writing frames and use them in class or at home. Feel free to download the pdfs and email them to other teachers etc. However the materials, images and apps are copyright and may not be reproduced, copied, adapted or distributed commercially without our written permission. Please email i[email protected] for permission.