Making writing fast and fun

Write your own story – The Anglo-Saxons

It’s time to write a Saxon story. King Alfred is on the run. Will he escape from his enemies – the invading Vikings? You must decide.

⊕ Go through the steps below to create your story...

Print this out:

1. Choose a name for your first character (Saxon male names)

  • Alfred (King of the Saxons)
  • Edwin
  • Harold
  • Wulfric
  • Dunstan

2. Choose a name for your second character (names for Saxon women or girls)

  • Gunnhild
  • Aldith
  • Cynewise
  • Tate

3. Choose a viking character to be in the story... (the invading Vikings were the enemies of the Anglo-Saxons)

  • Astrid
  • Ingrid
  • Berta
  • Guthrum (Viking king)
  • Halfdan
  • Magnus
  • Vidar

Just choose one Viking for now - fewer characters at the start makes planning easier.

4. Where does your story start?

  • A shepherd's hut (where King Alfred is said to have burnt the cakes)
  • The marshes (a great hiding place)
  • The battlefield (the two sides fought at Edington in 878 AD)
  • The watch tower

5. Choose two things to be in the story...

  • some burnt cakes
  • an axe
  • a bow
  • a shield
  • a kidnapping
  • a sword
  • a message
  • an army
  • Choose your own idea

6. Write the story from the most exciting part.

If you are working with a partner, write one line each.