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What is included in a subscription?

Subscribers get instant access to the website, interactive Apps, photocopiable materials to use in class, eBooks, the Hall of Fame, our create-a-book service and more. The content is growing steadily every month as we add new topics based on your suggestions, current affairs and historical anniversaries.

Choose from the following packages:

Creative Writing Club – (primary Y2-Y6)
Time Machine Week – (primary Y2-Y6)

Is one subscription valid for my whole school?

Yes.  Many teachers don’t like the hassle of setting up individual user names and passwords for each child. With Creative Writing Club there’s one user name and one password to cover the whole school – it couldn’t be simpler.

How do I cancel if I don’t want to subscribe?

We hope you’ll be delighted with Creative Writing Club but if you decide you want to cancel within the trial period you will not be invoiced. We have a no quibble policy. To cancel please email with your username and school address.

What is Time Machine Week?

Time Machine Week is a live event using Creative Writing Club apps to the whole school writing about history. You won’t find any unicorns, rainforests, fairytales, aliens or steampunk in a Time Machine Week. That’s not to say that it’s not packed with excitement and drama. Pupils can make up their own stories set in any time period – from the Big Bang to World War II. Write a story about a mammoth hunt, the fall of Troy, the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, Beowulf’s quest, the Gunpowder Plot, Elizabethan Explorers, the battle of Hastings, the ascent of Everest, Marie Curie, Stone Henge, or the suffragettes. You can hold a Time Machine Week with one of our authors kicking off the workshops with a fun assembly – or if prefer you can run it as an internal event. You get 4 weeks access to the materials – so you’ll easily have enough time to get organised.

Time Machine Week is great for getting pupils to appreciate chronology – as they write the stories they’ll get a feel for where the Vikings were in relation to the Bronze age.

How do your levels and ages work?

So you can see at a glance what level our materials are at, we’ve colour coded them. Level 1 (Y2-Y3) materials are blue. Level 2 (KS2) activities are purple – and ‘intermediate’. Level 3 (KS3) activities are green and they are the most challenging but they would suit Y6 or Y5 able writers.

Can Y2 and Y6 really use the same Apps?

It’s worth remembering that story writing is incredibly open ended. A six year old and a fifteen year old can use the same writing frame – but they’ll produce very different stories. Using our Romans writing frame, a good six year old might write: “Max is a gladiator. He wins all of his fights.” A gifted fourteen year old might write: “The arena shook to the blast of the trumpets as the resolute fighters strode purposefully towards each other across the burning sand.”

Because the writing activities are open ended, our resources ideal for use in classes with differentiated levels. The class can all use the same writing frame but you’ll get different results depending on their abilities.

What about Y1 and Reception?

As a rule, Reception and Y1 are a bit too young to write a whole story. However, you can have great fun using Creative Writing Club apps like The Magic Tree to brainstorm a class story. You can follow this up by getting them to draw the characters and tell the story (rather than writing it). Our printable resources support this way of working. For example: when you download a PDF version of The Magic Tree there is be a worksheet for the pupils to draw their characters.

Can I pay by Paypal?

We have included an option for schools to pay by Paypal but we anticipate that most of you will want to be invoiced.

Are the materials going to be available for secondary?

We are busy working on a secondary school version of Creative Writing Club. Please become a partner and help us to develop it.

I’m a tutor/ I’m a home schooling parent. Can I subscribe to Creative Writing Club?

Yes please!  Tutors and homeschoolers are very welcome to subscribe and we will come up with a price for you based on how many pupils/children will be using the site. For example – a tutor with 10 pupils will pay more than a tutor with 4 pupils. (If you want to use Creative Writing Club in a school, library, book club or educational establishment then you need to subscribe to the schools option). We are not publicly funded so we rely on your subscriptions to develop new topics.

How does your create-a-book service work?

Creative Writing Club will can publish your storiesWhether or not they dream of being an author, children love to see their own stories printed in a book. If you are a subscriber to any of our products we can create a book featuring your children’s stories. All you need to do is read through their stories to check for typos etc and email us the text in a word document. We’ll create your book for you for free! There are no set up charges. You can choose from one of the two cover designs below (we will create a cover using some of your story titles) Your book can be up to 50 pages long. Books costs £6.99 per copy plus P&P. There is a minimum order of 10 copies (but you can order as many copies as you like). Any subscriber can use the service – parents and home schoolers are welcome (minimum order 10 copies still applies). Note that we can’t publish your books in the free trial period – you have to be a paying subscriber. There is no hidden marketing agenda: there’s no need to hold a book fayre at your school. Please allow up to 25 working days for your books to arrive (sometimes we are able to deliver much faster because our books are printed in the UK).
Subscribers can publish their own children's stories in a custom book using our Create-a-book service!

I’ve spotted an error on your website!

If you think we’ve dropped a clanger please email and we’ll do our best to put it right.

How does the content tie in with the curriculum?

A lot of our content ties in with the curriculum for England and Wales. If you are a school based in Scotland or an international school, please become a partner and help us to develop the content you need.

I’ve got a great idea for a topic!

If you want us to cover a particular topic for Creative Writing Club or historical anniversary we’ll try and oblige – please email

Are all your topics British?

We are based in the UK but as every writer will tell you, there is a whole world of amazing things out there to write about. Unlike a book or a CD ROM, our content is growing month by month. The fact that we’ve not covered a particular period of history, theme or Shakespeare play doesn’t mean that we are not going to feature it in the future. If you have an idea for a topic we’d love to hear from you. Please email your suggestions to