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Time Machine Week

Hold a Time Machine Week in your school. It’s a great way to introduce history topics chronologically and get kids excited about writing.


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Product Description

What is Time Machine Week?
Many schools get authors to visit around World Book Day in order to get kids into reading and give books a boost. Time Machine Week does the same thing – but for history and writing. Authors Robin Price, Paul Nolan or Adrian Beckingham can visit your school to kick off your week with an interactive assembly and up to 4 creative writing workshops. But every class in the school can use our interactive writing materials to write historical stories. Teachers (or classes) can choose any period of history from The Big Bang to WW2 (if we don’t an interactive writing frame for the period you want to write about, we promise to develop one especially for you!) The week can end with an assembly where each class shares their story out with the rest of the school. Writing your stories has never been faster or more fun as our interactive writing frames whiz students through the planning stage. Even if you are short of time, writing the story can take as little as 1 hour with our accelerated writing materials.

How much does it cost?
There are two options:
1. Time Machine week with author visit – please enquire for prices and availability.
2. Time Machine week materials (4 weeks access to our interactive writing materials) – costs £50 plus VAT.

Create-a-Book Service
Plus: we can even publish a book of the stories that your students write during the Time Machine week. The book will be customised with your school name and it’ll up to 50 pages long.
Books cost £6.99 each (minimum order 10 copies. Delivery costs £7 per order.) There are no set up charges – we won’t try to sell you anything and you don’t need to hold a book fayre in order to use our Create A Book service. You email us the text of your students stories (in one word document) and we’ll create your book for you.

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