Making writing fast and fun

Creative Writing Club (for primary schools and libraries)

£249.00 exc VAT / year with a 4-week free trial


Product Description

Creative Writing Club is a new way to get pupils writing. Our interactive apps will whiz your pupils through their planning and get them writing faster. New writing challenges are added every week, so they’ll never run out of things to write about. Topics cover everything from the rainforest to unicorns!  Primary history topics include: mammoth hunt, the bronze age, Boudica, gladiators, Greek myths, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Victorians and many more.

Pupils can write their own stories online using tablet, iPad, PC or Mac.  Alternatively, teachers can use Creative Writing Club as a fun way to set up writing tasks in class. (Brainstorm a story in class on the IWB using the app – then give out the handouts and get the class writing in pairs using pencils and paper).

Once the stories are written, they can appear in our Hall of Fame (great for motivating your writers).  Subscribers can also use our Create-A-Book service where we’ll publish your class’s stories in your own book!

About this version: This is the primary school/libraries version of Creative Writing Club for pupils aged 6-11. One subscription pays for unlimited use throughout your school (or library site) for 12 months. The free trial lasts for four weeks and you can cancel at any time in the trial period. After the trial is over we’ll send you an invoice. You can pay with Paypal if you prefer.

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