Making writing fast and fun

What is it?

Creative Writing Club makes writing fast and fun for children aged 4-13. It’s free for teachers and librarians.
Use our Accelerated Writing tools to get your whole class writing and sharing their stories.

Tips for using Creative Writing Club in class.

CWC apps and ‘writing frames’ are found in our themes area where there are 53 writing themes for KS1-KS3 writers. You can also print them out get your class writing with pen and paper if you prefer. Each writing topic is designed to last around 45mins – with the pupils working in pairs – including the planning stage. This leaves 15mins at the end of the lesson where the class can share their stories out.

Hall of Fame

When they’ve finished their stories, you can submit to our Hall of Fame. Note: you need to register in order to make the ‘submit’ button appear. Registration is free for schools, teachers and librarians.

For parents and tutors

Parents and tutors are also welcome to use our materials and apps for free. However there is a one off fee of £5.99 per household to submit unlimited stories to the Hall of Fame. This one off charge covers moderation and proofing costs – since every story must be read by an adult before it goes live. You don’t have to submit stories so you could just use the writing frames with your child at home.

Writing workshops and assemblies for schools

We offer author visits for KS1-KS3 with Creative Writing Club founder Robin Price (author of the Spartapuss, Beowuff, London Deep and the Roobarb and Custard series). Workshops can be history or Shakespeare themed, or based on any of the 50 topics in our themes area. To inquire about a school visit call Yvonne Lang on 01535 656015 ext 9850 or email for details a free pdf with Robin’s 7 tips for story writing. There is more about the methodology behind the materials and accelerated writing here.

Register to submit your stories to the Hall of Fame!

As soon as you are signed up, the ‘submit’ button will appear at the bottom of the app. Or if you are writing on paper, take a picture with your phone and attach it.