Making writing fast and fun

What is it?

Creative Writing Club makes writing fast and fun. It’s for children aged 6-11.  Teachers or librarians can subscribe and get everything they need to launch a Creative Writing Club in the click of a mouse! It’s a great way to get kids writing – in an after school club, or in the school library at lunchtime. Teachers can use our Accelerated Writing tools to get the whole class writing and sharing their stories. (Homeschoolers and Tutors are also welcome to subscribe please email for prices).

Fifty-two fabulous writing apps!

With 52 themes and counting, there’s enough material for a new writing challenge every week. Our apps are based on popular topics: rainforest, pirates, Romans, Greek myths, Vikings, Victorians, floods, The Gunpowder plot, Anglo-Saxons, superheroes etc. Because creative writing is all about imagination we’ve also included some weird and wonderful topics: enchanted forest, robots, sci-fi, the magic oak tree. We have new apps coming online regularly.

Creative Writing Club activities start on the computer but you can also print them out get your class writing with pen and paper if you prefer. (Downloadable resources for use in class are included for this). If you want to break out the iPads once between two – students can get writing and submit their work to the online Hall of Fame.


When they’ve finished their story, you can submit stories to our Hall of Fame.  Or use our Create-A-Book service and we’ll publish your children’s stories in your own book!

Author visit

With Time Machine week – you can use Creative Writing Club in conjuntion with an author visit.


Creative Writing Club is currently available for Primary schools and Homeschoolers/Tutors. (But we are developing a version for Secondary schools. At the moment many of our topics would work well at lower secondary). International schools are welcome to join too.

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